About Melia

I am a Hellenic polytheist with my primary devotion to Apollon and my secondary devotion to Hermes.  I also maintain shrines for Hestia, Artemis, Leto, Dionysos, Athena, Aphrodite, Hebe, Euterpe, and Hera, as well as Mani, the Norse god of the moon.  I have served as an attendant to several gods in the flesh, including Mani and Athiratu, and this is something that I am called to do and welcome the opportunity for when it arises.

Academically, I hold a master’s degree in education and a bachelor’s degree in global history with a concentration in Asian studies and a minor in ancient civilization.  I am no stranger to research, and I appreciate both the oxford comma and footnotes.

The pictures at the top of this blog were taken by me this past summer in Sicily.  The large picture of the sea was taken at Cala Rossa on the island of Favignana, which is off the western coast of Sicily.  The picture of the ruins is of the temple of Apollo on Ortygia in Syracusa.  I visited the temple of Apollo at Selinunte as well, but due to lots of metal scaffolding, none of the pictures of His temple are that wonderful.

Confession: I am not really a blogger.  I created this blog as a platform for the devotional anthology that I have decided to put together to honor Apollon.  Please take the Call for Submissions far and wide.  I hope to receive many, many submissions to create a compilation that will truly honor Apollon.

If you have questions about or submissions for the devotional or requests for divination, please e-mail me at pythioumelissa@gmail.com.