Apolline Triads

There is much historical evidence that Apollon, Artemis, and Leto were often worshipped together as a triad.  In my own experience, I have found Apollon, Hermes, and Dionysos to form another triad.  I was thinking about how a triad of triads centered around Apollon would form a group of seven (sacred number) gods, and who would make up the third triad.  I had barely begun to consider this question when it occurred to me that a third triad could be made of Apollon with his sons Asklepios and Aristaios.  I don’t currently pay cultus to Asklepios or Aristaios, though they’re occasionally on my mind, especially Aristaios.  I feel like there are implications here in this triad of triads, but I haven’t fully fleshed them out.  If not these two sons, who would you choose for a third triad?  Thoughts about a triad of triads?


2 thoughts on “Apolline Triads

  1. I hadn’t heard of it, but I can do some research. I can see how each of those sets of three gods could jointly be patrons of things like education or the gymnasium, but I don’t feel the personal connection between them as much. Maybe that’s just me. Also, for my purposes, having Hermes as part of two of the three triads doesn’t work – it’d leave us with only six gods.


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