In Search of Symbols

While some people don’t feel the need to adorn their bodies in a way that declares them to be for the use of the gods, some do.  Some of us wear jewelry or have tattoos that belong to a god in some way or for some reason but are pieces that no one could identify as such without our explanation.  Others search for more obvious yet personally meaningful symbols to use to represent the gods they love.  Today, I’d like to provide a few of Apollon’s epithets that could give you ideas for devotional art, including tattoos and jewelry.  The devotional is still accepting submissions, and both artwork and written pieces on these or any other of His epithets are welcome.

Agraios (any hunting weapon)
Agyieus (a cityscape, a road, a wall)
Aigletes (lightning, sun, any depiction of a storm)
Daphnaios (laurel)
Daphnephoros (bay branch)
Dekatephoros (1/10, or any visual depiction of that fraction)
Delphinios (dolphin, snake/dragon, sailing ship)
Didymeus (sun and moon, two lights, anything meaningful to you twinned)
Dikeros (two horns or any two horned animal)
Dionysodotes (grapes or any other symbol of Dionysos)
Ebdomeios & Hebdomagetes & Heptamenaios (the number 7)
Eleleus (the earth or if you’re a veteran, whatever war or battle cry or your version of “hoorah” or whatever it is that marines on TV say)
Embasius (a boat)
Enolmos (tripod)
Enthryptos (cake)
Erithius (sickle)
Erythibios (mildew or mildew on something)
Eupharetres (quiver)
Euryalus (the ocean)
Exakasterios (any warding symbol that is meaningful to you)
Hekatos & Hekatebolos (arrow or bow and arrows)
Helios (sun)

Don’t forget, you can always leave a comment or send me an e-mail requesting an assignment for the devotional.  I’d be happy to give you some direction.