Death & Dying

As we navigate our way in the world, we encounter people who impact us profoundly and who are taken from our lives far too soon.  Would there ever be a time that wasn’t too soon?  I know that I often find myself at a loss when someone has just died.  People tell us to pray in our time of loss, but I find myself wondering just who I should be praying to and why.  I have faith that the gods will do what they can for the deceased with or without my prayers.  Am I praying for my own reassurance that this is the case?  Am I begging for something that wouldn’t be done otherwise, or am I begging for something that is already happening?

Apollon is connected to death in His own way, and I would love to see some people explore that connection in art and the written word for the devotional.  Below, I offer you some suggestions of epithets.  I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

I’d also like to reiterate that submissions are accepted in any language, so long as an English translation is also provided.  If your submission is accepted for publication, both your original piece and the translation will be published.  If you feel uncomfortable writing in English (you feel that your English translation is not as good as what you wrote in the original language), I am completely willing to work with you to edit and revise your translation.

  1. Agraíos (Ἀγραῖος), Hunter, Slayer
  2. Ekataeveletaes (Εκατηβελετης), Far Darting
  3. Erithius, God of Reapers
  4. Hekatebolos (Εκατηβόλος), Who Strikes from Afar; the Far Shooting; the Shooter from Afar
  5. Hekatos ( Έκατός), Who Kills Many (with plague); Shooter From Afar; He Who Shoots From Afar; the Far-darting; Plague-Bearer
  6. Lykoktonos, the Wolf-Killer; the Slayer of Wolves
  7. Parnópios (Παρνόπιος), Grasshopper; Locust, Destroyer of Locusts
  8. Sauroktonos, Lizard Slayer
  9. Smintheios (Σμινθευς), He of the Mice (Mouse-Catcher?); Lord of Mice; Rat Slayer; Mouse God; He of Prophetic Powers; Destroyer of Mice
  10. Soranus, Guard of the Cemetery
  11. Thanatos, He of Death; Striker; Destroyer; Death-Bringer
  12. Paián (Παιάν), Healer; Deliverer from Evil or Calamity; Battler; Striker; Destroyer; Physician of the gods; savior; Deliverer from Pain

2 thoughts on “Death & Dying

  1. Okay, I’ll try it. I already have some translated poems but I don’t think the language is the problem. I don’t write typical hymns or adorations.


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