The second Greek goddess that I ever had any sort of relationship with was Athena.  I don’t remember when it began, but I do know that there was a period in time while I was studying at university, especially when focusing on my minor in Ancient Civilization, that my connection with Athena was quite strong.  I knew Her long before I knew Apollon.  She is also the first Hellenic deity that I ever kept a shrine for.  The type of relationship that I desired of Her is not the type of relationship that we have, but I still honor Her regularly.  She responds less to me now, or at least less in ways that I notice, than in the past, but there are myriad possibilities for why that is the case.  That’s not a problem for me, as relationships generally change over time, but I still respect Her deeply, and I still automatically turn to Her first in many circumstances.

Apollon and Athena, while having quite a bit in common, don’t really interact much in most of Their mythology.  There aren’t any grand stories that I can think of where they work together or against each other for some purpose.  They also have very few epithets in common, but there are a few that you can explore and write about for the devotional.

Where Apollon is known as Apollon Soter (Σώτηρ), Athena is known as Athena Soteira, the feminine form of the same title, which means savior.

In different areas, Apollon was known as Apollon Zosterios (Ζωστήριος) and Athena was known as Athena Zosteria, again the feminine form of the same epithet.  This epithet seems to have been used by people in specific areas for gods who protected their area or group.

Athena is not widely hailed a healer, but like Paian (Παιάν), Athena has also been known as Athena Paiônia.

Athena is linked to Cyprus as Athena Telkhinia just as Apollon is as Apollon Telkhinios (Τελχινιος).  Lykeia has done a wonderful job writing about Apollon Telkhinios here.




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