Ask and… well, I’ll try my best.

Some of you (all of you?!) are excited to get to work writing and researching and painting and drawing and sketching and doing all of the creative things you do to honor Apollon in the devotional, but you need a little help to get started.

No problem!  I have epithets coming out of my ears!  If you’d like me to do divination and assign one to you, please e-mail me at pythioumelissa at gmail dot com.  If you just need a little inspiration to spark your fire, look no further.  Another list of epithets!

  • Apollon Daphnephoros, Carrier of the Bay Branches; He Who Carries the Laurel; He who carries the branches of laurel
  • Apollon Deiradiotes, He of the Ridge
  • Apollon Dekatephoros, To Whom The Tenth Part of the Booty is Dedicated
  • Apollon Délios, Born on Delos; of Delos
  • Apollon Delphínios, of Delphi; Slayer of Python; of the Dolphins; of the Womb; of Sailors; God of Colonists; Dolphin God
  • Apollon Delphios (Απόλλων Δελφιος), protector of the shrine at Delphi
  • Apollon Despota, the cruel master, Master of the House, Master of the Family, Absolute Ruler
  • Apollon Didymeús (Απόλλων Διδυμεύς), double light; Twin
  • Apóllon Dikéros (Απόλλων Δικέρως), two-horned
  • Apollon Dionysodotes, Who Gives Dionysos; Who Gives Us Dionysos; Bestower of Dionysos

2 thoughts on “Ask and… well, I’ll try my best.

  1. To whom a tenth of the booty is dedicated? So you’re saying that Apollo is a Patton god…of pirates? I can just imagine the hymns now…


  2. Perhaps…. Without going back to check my sources, it would make sense as he is the god of both embarkation and disembarkation. So, if you need to sail somewhere to do piratey things and you need to get on and off your boat and stay safe on your ship, you might want to make some offerings to Apollon.

    It’s also been translated as “Bringer of Tithes.” Pausanias used this epithet. Would you like to do some more research and write about it? hint, hint!


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