Update: He Who Rules with Honey

We are now a little more than halfway through the extended submission period for He Who Rules With Honey, and I have received some breathtakingly beautiful submissions, for which I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

All of the submissions that I’ve received so far have been prayers, photographs, and artwork. I would love to have a prayer for each epithet, so this is absolutely fine, and I’d love to see more. If you have other ideas for pieces you’d like to submit (poetry, re-imagined myths, essays about personal experiences, academic papers, investigations into epithets shared with other gods, photography of statues, etc…), then no one else has done it yet, so just think, you could be first!

At this point in time, I do not have nearly enough material.  Apollon has well over a hundred epithets, and I’d like to cover at least half of them in this book.  This is intended to be a volume that none of us could possibly create on our own as none of us know Him in all of these ways.  This book is only possible if we work together.

Fewer than twenty epithets have received submissions (though there is more than one submission for some):

  • Agyieus
  • Akesios
  • Alexikakos
  • Argyrotoxos
  • Belenos*
  • Boedromios
  • Delphios
  • Erythibios
  • Hyperboreos
  • Karneios
  • Klarios
  • Latoios
  • Lykeios
  • Mantikos
  • Moiragetes
  • Nomios
  • Noumenios
  • Phoibos
  • Pythios

If you have been considering addressing one of these epithets, please do! If you have been considering addressing one of His other epithets, please do! If you would like me to assign you an epithet, please e-mail me! (pythioumelissa at gmail)

Thank you for all of your hard work so far. I am confident that together we can create a volume to truly honor Him, my most beloved of gods.

*I had originally been intending only to address Greek epithets in this book. I have received one submission for Apollo Belenos, but while the submission is fantastic, I am not yet sure if it will be included. I suppose some of that decision rests on what else is submitted.  So, go ahead, submit!


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