Announcing: Agon for the Muses

Who may enter?  Absolutely anyone may enter this agon.  I will eat the shipping charges to wherever you live if you win.  Good luck!

What can you enter?  You can enter any piece of artwork (written, visual, or performed) that is dedicated to an individual muse or the muses as a collective whole.  Performed work must be original and submitted as a link to a youtube video of your performance.  The piece that you submit should not have been previously submitted elsewhere – if it was not initially created for this agon, it should be finished or revised for this agon.  This is an honor system – you are the judge of whether an old piece has been revised enough to have become a new piece.  You will retain the rights to the piece only giving me permission to publish it here.

What can you win?  First prize will be a custom blended oil for the deity of your choice and a perfume bloom (not necessarily the one linked here).  Second prize will be a $25US gift certificate* to Snow Moon Spinnery.  Third prize will be a $20US gift certificate* to Snow Moon Spinnery.

When?  Submissions are open beginning now, May 2, 2017 and will remain open until midnight EST on June 1, 2017.

Where can you talk about this?  Feel free to spread the word to any groups that you are a part of.  Tell them about the devotional, too!

Why?  I made a promise two Noumenias ago.

How can one enter?  Simply e-mail me (pythioumelissa at gmail dot com) your written work with the text preferably in the body of the e-mail or send me a photo of your artwork.  If you have written music and you’d like people to hear it in addition to seeing the lyrics or sheet music, please send me a link to a video of you performing it.  If you choreograph a dance or write and perform a play (or part of one) or anything else, take some video, upload it to youtube, and send me the link.

How will the winners be chosen?  I will post each submission as a separate post.  The submission with the most likes wins.  In the event of a tie, I will do divination to determine the winner.

*Due to the nature of Etsy’s coupon codes, which is the only way I can offer a gift certificate, there is a required purchase amount that is 10% higher than the amount of the gift certificate (ie. if you win a $25 gift certificate, the total in your cart must be $27.50 or more in order to apply the coupon code).  If they ever change this to allow us to offer real gift certificates, I will exchange the coupon codes for real gift certificates.  They are transferrable (you can give your prize to someone else), but they can only be used once.


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