Call for Submissions – He Who Rules With Honey

I am seeking submissions for He Who Rules With Honey, a devotional anthology in honor of Apollon. Submissions open January 4, 2016 and close January 24, 2017, with an expected release date of spring 2017.

I am interested in a variety of material, including but not limited to: prayers, hymns, songs, essays, and visual artwork. One piece of artwork will be chosen for the cover of the book and printed in color. All other pieces will be printed in black and white. Pieces are acceptable in any language, provided that you include an acceptable to you English translation to be printed with your piece.

In your work, please focus on a single epithet of Apollon. This devotional will be divided among His many names, with a limited number of pieces printed that reflect each one. When submitting, please note for which epithet your piece is intended. If you would like to be assigned an epithet to focus on, please e-mail me at

Multiple submissions by the same author are acceptable and encouraged. All contributors will retain the original copyright for their work. Previously published material is acceptable as long as the author holds the copyright for the material.

All submissions must be original or include accurate citations. Any plagiarism will disqualify an individual from submitting any work at all. I reserve the right to edit spelling, grammar, and punctuation, especially of prose.

All artwork should be sent via a jpg e-mail attachment. All text should be sent via a doc or pages e-mail attachment. Please send all questions and submissions to me at Contributors to this project will not receive monetary compensation. Each published contributor will receive a coupon code to purchase two copies of the book at cost and may request a free pdf version for personal use.


8 thoughts on “Call for Submissions – He Who Rules With Honey

  1. I may try to submit something if I am able to work something up in time. I am currently working on my second booklet in my series of booklets for the worship of Apollon, and I have already got something going regarding Apollon for the Walking the Worlds Journal. If I am able to get these obligations out of the way soonish and be able to come up with something I will see what I can do 🙂


      1. I will endeavor to do so! I am reworking Crowned with Nine Rays into a series of booklets since I had to cut a lot out to keep it from being too long (and to make it easier to update). The Name of Apollon was the first booklet reboot, the second is on the Domestic Worship of Apollon…and so on from there. I will see what I can come up with that may be fitting!


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